Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Lucy!

My best friend Vikki's baby, the adorable Miss Lucy, was turning one and I wanted to get her something special that would last.  I knew she would be getting tons of clothes and toys, but I wanted to make something for her new room.  Vikki is in the process of building a mega addition onto their house, so something cute for Lucy's room is what I settled on.  I bought a plain white canvas at Michaels, as well as wood letters and acrylic paint.  I settled on purple since I knew Vikki would be going some sort of blue, and I didn't want to totally pick the wrong blue shade.  I figured purple would be prefect.  I painted the whole canvas a darker shade of pastel purple, and painted the letters a light purple, going for the ombre look slightly.  I glued the letters on with Gorilla Glue, which I would not suggest to anyone else out there that wants to try this.  Go for Mod Podge, since it stays clear.  Gorilla glue turns white, and slightly protruded out of some of the sides of the letters.  Besides that, they turned out so cute!!

Happy Birthday Miss Lucy!!!

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