Wednesday, August 31, 2011

This State Fair is HUGE

This week is the Minnesota State Fair.  Everyone has been talking and talking about this state fair, and it seems like it is the only thing covered on the news here in the Twin Cities lately.  I had to go and see what the hype was all about.  And everyone was right.  The fair is huge, with tons of food, rides and random stuff.  We entered the fair into The Birthing Barn. Yes, I said birthing.  People stand around the watch farm animals give  Yes, right in front of you.  We just missed the birth of a cow, but we saw well more than I ever wanted to see.  The only thing that was amazing was seeing mini piglets that were just born.  So freaking cute.

We took off and headed to grab some cheese curds, one of the things this area is known for.  Now I know why I will be gaining 15 pounds.  They are SO GOOD.  Fried cheese, is there anything better??

The grounds of the fair were covered with people.  It is one of the largest fairs in the country, and we decided to go on Sunday of opening weekend.  It reminded me of Oktoberfest in Munich, with swarms of people everywhere.

I ate a ridiculous amount of food, including corn on the cob, a funnel cake, bites of pretzel, local beers, and more food on a stick.  Oh, and we rode a ride for good fun. Thanks Katie for forcing me on at least one.  It was one fair to remember!!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Let's Go For A Drive

Our bags, house and dogs are packed and we are ready to hit the road to Minnesota.  As I packed my flip-flops, I laughed to myself knowing each pair of those will only get use for the four short summer months Minnesota might actually see.  I still did not know what to expect completely, as I had only visited during the freezing cold months of winter, when the snow banks were over five feet tall!

We headed to Vegas for the first resting leg of our trip, and enjoyed a nice dinner with my mother.  The dogs were great and slept the entire car ride.  Woo hoo!! 

We woke up bright and early to head to Denver, Colorado.  The scenery was beautiful from Vegas to Denver, making the miles fly by despite being in the car for almost 12 hours.  We stopped several times to let the dogs out and to grab food for ourselves, but powered through the trip.  Matt and I played several road games to pass the time, and were finally able to catch up on each other’s lives completely.  With all of the recent changes in our lives, from getting married to relocating, warranted many hours of sharing memories of all of the things we will miss in California, to all of the exciting adventures that await us in Minnesota.  Matt told me about all of the exciting excursions we can go on and all of the outdoors stuff we will be looking forward to.  The pups cuddled soundly in the backseat.

We got to Denver around 7pm, and were excited about dinner in the city with the dogs in tow.  We walked to a restaurant about a mile away that had an outdoor patio where you can have dogs, and Matt’s buddy Luke met us.  He brought MacKenzie, his four-month-old Bernese Mountain Dog.  I fell in LOVE.  These are my dream dogs.  And Matt promised me since he was moving me to the snow he would get me one.  MacKenzie just made me want him to hurry his promise along.  Isn't she the cutest?

The next day was the worst portion of the drive, as there is NOTHING to see past Colorado.  From Colorado to Minnesota and throughout the entire state of Iowa, the only you see is farms, farms and more cows.  The rolling plains of the Midwest. 

I have a secret love affair with road trips.  Well, Matt knows and surely feels the same way about this love affair. There is something about getting in a car and discover the world in a different way.  I was so excited to drive through Europe in 2010, seeing things most people never get to see in their life. 

To do for my readers:  Go on a road trip this year.  Burn a cd especially for this trip, grab a friend or a lover, and just drive.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

From California to Minnesota...

Welcome to my blog! I figured I would entertain my friends by writing about my hilarious and probably never-ending experiences from moving to the sunny and extremely warm beaches of Orange County, California to the coldest place in the United States – Minnesota.  I am trading in my flip flips for snow boots (hopefully cute ones at that).  I only own four sweaters, none of which actually keep me warm.  I have Ugg boots from when they were in style in 08, and own two beanies that are more for fashion than warmth.  I once asked Matt who the crazy person was that was mowing the lawn when there was six feet of snow on the ground.  By the time he finished laughing and explained the concept of a snow blower, I knew if we ever moved there I would be a complete fish out of water.  Well, the time has come. Matt was promoted and accepted a job in the greater Minneapolis area, and me and our fur babies are heading to the midwest.  I am stoked about the kind, hospitable people I am about to encounter, but am deathly terrified of getting behind the wheel in snow.  This should get really interesting…..