Thursday, October 13, 2011

Haas Lake and Lily Pads

One of my favorite new getaways is right in our backyard.  Lola and I have been doing our morning runs through Haas Lake park, ending at the amazingly beautiful and serene Haas Lake.  Haas Lake is covered in thousands of lily pads, with gorgeous lotus flowers that bloom during the summer.

I come here sometimes just to relax and think, allowing myself to disappear in this new environment.  Moving can be tough at times, but we moved to such a beautiful and friendly place.  I am really starting to fit in, find my way around, and enjoy everything this active and wonderful place has to offer.  It is such a slow pace compared to Orange County, and trying to slow myself down has been hard.  I am realizing life is too short to speed through.  I know this is going to be the perfect place to raise our future children.  And when I need a break or just a breath of fresh air, Haas Lake is always here, waiting for me.

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