Tuesday, September 6, 2011

From Warm to Bright

Our new house in Minnesota was ready to move-in right away, and there were not many immediate needs to be fixed.  I really love the layout of our place, and the bones are amazing.  There were just several things we wanted to change to really make it our own....okay, so many more than a few.  One of those major changes was the trim.  The trim was all oak, and there was a ton of it.  Here in Minnesota, they love their oak.  We didn't want to offend or make anyone upset, but we decided to paint the oak white so it went with our taste and style, since we plan on being in this house for  along time.  I started with the guest room and guest room bathroom, with a beach theme to remind us of our previous home.

Painting oak trim is a long, tedious process, but we wanted to do it right so it didn't chip or peel off.  The guest room/bathroom started off looking like this.  

We are sanding first, priming then painting three coats.  I sand in between the first and second coats, but not between the last one.  It has turned out really nice.

Now, I get to start trying to find furniture and decorations....Michaels, here I come!

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